List of Manufacturers:


Amplifiers, oscillators

Powermeter, Modulation Analyzer, RF-souces, 

Integra souces and filters

Microwave and RF-synthesizer, Synthesizer modules

Microwave counter, Wobbler

EMC & Microwave antennas, Hazardmeters, TEM, GTEM and EMC cabins (


Hazardmeters, Puls-Powermeter, Puls-Analyzer

Puls-Analyzer, Powermeter, Signalsources

Avionik Devices, Comunication Measurement Devices, Spectrumanalyzer

Solid state amplifiers and modules

TWT amplifiers

Noise Analyzers, Noise Soucres ,high precision coax components 

RF Poweramplifiers over 1 GHz

LWL transmission lines up to 20 GHz

High speed pulse generators

Powermeter, Network-Analyzer

Spektrumanalyzer, Klystrongenerators

E- & H-Hazardmeters

Solid state amplifiers and modules

Solid state amplifiers and modules

Measurement receivers, Antenna position devices

Signalsources, Frequency counters, Microwave soucres, RF-Tester, DC sources

LF power amplifiers, AC/DC sources

Currentclamps, RF-Calibration-Devices,Attenuation measuring systems 

Attenuators, RF-Calibration-Systems, Signalsources 

frequency counters up to 40 GHz


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